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2 Pics 1 Word - Mix Pics Puzzle game is a NEW mobile game that has been trending lately on the Android and iOS markets. Just like the 4 Pics 1 Word games, this one has a bit of a twist. Instead of choosing the common word between the pictures, in this game you are forced to sound out the two words to make one joint word. For instance, if the first picture shows a light bulb, and the second picture shows a house, the answer word would be lighthouse. In another example if the first picture shows an image of a human ear, and the second picture shows a diamond ring, the answer would be earring.

The problem with this game is that sometimes you are stuck on a certain level and there is almost no way to get past it. You are allowed to use your coins that you earn in the game to reveal more letters, take away letters and sometimes even reveal the whole word, but eventually you'll run out. That is why we created this 2 Pics 1 Word Cheat websites for FREE! To use it, all you need to do is put in the letters in your 2 pics 1 word game, and tell it how many letters the answer word is. When you press Enter, the program will find every possible combination of English words that will fit. While we understand that this isn't the best possible solution to the game, it still gives you the ability to save your precious coins which will be a big help in the end! Another reason why this website works so good is that the maker of these games occasionally scramble the levels together so you can't just look at another website to find the answer.

Here are a few of the common 2 Pics 1 Word Answers that a lot of our users have trouble with. Good luck!


6 letter words
Hotdog – Fire + Dog
Jigsaw – Jig dance + Saw
Layoff – Man laying down + Off button
Pencil – Pen + Sill

7 letter words
Airfare – Sky + Fair
Beanbag – Beans + bags
Cockpit – Cock + nuts (pits)
Corndog – Corn + dog
Earring – Ear + Ring
Kingpin – Chess piece + Bowling pins
Manhole – Man + hole
Webmail – Web + Mailbox

8 letter words
Alphabet – Alpha sign + (casino) bet
Football – Foot + Tennis ball
Jumprope – Jump + Rope
Lipstick – Lips + USB stick
Mischief – Miss USA + Indian chief
Railroad – Rail + road
Sandwich – Sand + Witch
Suitcase – Suit + Briefcase

9 letter words
Corkscrew – Cork + Screw
Database – Data sheets + Baseball base
Handshake – Hand + Wet dog shaking
Jellyfish – Glasses with jelly + a fish
Submarine – Sandwich (sub) + Marine guys.